Thursday, May 24, 2012

Outline (kisi-kisi) Final exam grade 10

1. First Socialization
2. Learning process by individual
3. Effective social control
4. Primary socialization
5. Socialization at school
6. where is secondary socialization occurred
7. the function of primary socialization
8. secondary socialization formally
9. the function of primary socialization
10. Individual personality determined by environment is theory from empiricism or positivism.
11. deviant behaviour in sex attitude
12. Social control model.
13. anti-social is an attitude in which an individual does not empathy to social problem.
14. deviant behavior according to James Van der Zander is deviance that cannot be tolerated and
       extremely bad.
15. Primary deviant and secondary deviant according to Lamert.
16. white collar crime
17. Psychological factor of deviant behavior according to Cesare Lambroso
18. The example of social control
19. Social control coercively is social control using physical oppression.
20. the function of primary socialization.
21. the definition of socilization
22. why socialization is important for individual and society?
23. the definition of deviant subculture
24. the definition of mass media
25. formal and informal social control.
26. the function social control institution.

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