Sunday, November 25, 2012

Outline for First Semester Exam (Kisi-kisi)

1. Sociology as the way of scientific thinking
    - what sociology study about?
2. The characteristic of sociology as a science.
3. Sociology object
4. Sociology is important for development. Why?
5. the branches of social science.
6. Social value according G. Everett.
7. Spiritual value
8.Truth value (Logic value)
9. The various of value
a. the characteristic of social value.
b. the function of value and norm for society
 10. The hierarchy (tingkatan) norma.
                Usage, folkways (etiquette), mores, Custom.
11. The characters of Social interaction
11a. Social contact. (Positive and negative social contact, primary and secondary social contact)
12. Five elements of Communication
13. Incentive Factors of social interaction (faktor pendorong interaksi sosial)
                Imitation, suggestion, identification, sympathy, empathy.
14.  The rule of space on social interaction (Aturan ruang dalam interaksi sosial)
 15. Status and role
16. Social associative and dissociative process.
17. Social acculturation.
18. information resources for social interaction
19. Primary contact.
20. Lima elemen dalam komunikasi (Komunikator, komunikan, pesan, Media, efek)
21. The character of social value.
22. The function of value and norm
23. Primary and secondary social contact.

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