Sunday, November 25, 2012

Outline for First Semester Final Exam (Kisi-kisi)

1. Social structure definition
2. Two concept of social structure
3. Status according ralp linton
4. The difference of social startification and social diferentiation
5. Model of social structure according Peter M. Blau
6. Races in the world
7. Stratification and differentiation definition.
8. Clifford Geertz about society in Java
9. Social mobility : Vertically, horizontally, intergenerational, intragenerational.
10. Management conflict : Conciliation, judication, mediation, arbitration etc.
11. Incentive and hampering factors of social mobility
12. Social integration.
13. Acculturation and assimilation.
14. Opened, closed and mixed social straficiation.
15. The ways to subdue (Meredakan) conflict.
16. Factors cause conflict
17. Types social mobilities.
18. Media (Chanel) of social mobility.

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