Monday, September 23, 2013

First Semester Mid Examination outline (kisi-kisi mid semester 1)

1. social structure according to Talcott Parsons
2.two concepts in social structure
3. Status definition according to Ralp Linton
4. Two types of status aaccording to Ralp Linton
5. model social structure according to Peter M. Blau
6. social differentiation
7. mixture race (mongoloid and caucassoid)
8. differentiation  and gender
9. The criteria of social stratification
10. closed stratification
11. mixed strataification
12. social devision vertically
13. ascribed status
14. malayan mongoloid
15. main races according to Ralp Linton
16. Australoid race
17. The base of social stratification
18.  Race differentiation
20. Factors cause the difference of physical characteristics
21. social stratification have been existed in Indonesia
22. understanding social stratification
23. Three kinds of social stratification

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