Method of Data Collecting in Research

1. Observation
     Observation is an intended and sytematic study of social  phenomena
      through observing social life.
      a. Participative observation
          An observation in which observer participates among the respondents activities.
      b. Simulation/Experimental Observation
          To analyze situation by using experimental observation.

      The strengths of Observation
       - easy and direct in having experience with social phenomena.
       - can collect information both visible and invisible phenomena such as psycological
       - able to take note from many respondents in the same time.

      The weaknesses of observation
       - taking more time
       - observe is sometime behave unnaturally.  

2. Interview
    Collecting data through direct interaction with data source.

    Based on Characteristics
    a. guided interview (wawancara terpimpin)
    b. unguided interview
    c. free guided interview.

3. Questionnair
     It can be called written interview. Questionnaire uses a set question as an instrument to collect data from respondents related to certain topic.



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