Understanding Anthropology

What is Anthropology?
     A science studies about human in perspective of physical diversity and culture (behaviour, traditions, and values).  Anthropology is modern science that studying about human living in ancient time until now on. 

Study Objects of Sociology
Human, on perspective of individual, society, culture and civilization.

The Issues anthropology studies
-          Human history as biological creature.
-          Human history based on physical characteristic.
-          Languages which human spoken
-          The spreading of human culture
-          The role of human culture in society.

Physical Anthropology or Biological Anthropology:
Understanding biological characteristics of human.

Physical Anthropology Objects
1.      Examining human as biological creature.
2.      Study about human physical character profoundly.
3.      Examining human history, organic evolution development, body structure
4.      Examining the origins of races.

The branches of physical Anthropology

1. Paleontology
(Study about pre-ancient living or geology such as fossils and organism)
2. Somatology
(Learn about races diversity through physical characteristic: comparative study, measuring)

Cultural Anthropology
The branches of Anthropology which examines culture in any nation in the world in ancient time or now on.
The aspects are
-          Originate history and the spreading of language people spoken.
-          The spreading of cultures in the world
-          The role of human culture in society.

The branches of Cultural Anthropology
Learns about past archaelogical remains in order to recognizing society who created the culture.

Comparative study about how language reflects and can influence social life.

Learns about the various of ethnics and, cultural aspects, and how they interacted with other cultures.

The knowledge of Anthropology according to Koentjoroningrat can be achieved through three steps
  1. Collecting facts about any incidents, phenomena, and culture.
  2. Determining general characteristics (Inductive thinking process).
  3. Using verificative process method, and examining through deductive process  

(Collecting data through observation
(Using data from the field to observe human behaviour and examine the hipothesis).
(Using data from the media which analyses human behaviour)

The Function of Anthropology
         To understand human behaviour pattern.
         To Understand about our status and roles and what society expect from.
         To understand other people who have different character in order to respecting them.
         To understand any kinds of problem in society and having awareness to solve it.

Anthropologist Roles
         As a researcher
         As a policy consultant
         As a practitioner
         As a teacher or educator


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