Grade X, Term 1: The History of Sociology

The History of Sociology
In the beginning
Social philosophy
It studies about society in general such as war, social conflict etc.
Later on
Studied about society more specific and much more profound.
In this context sociology was born.
Sociology focused on society more specific not only society in general but also norms which was supposed to be obeyed by all society.

What social scientist thought about sociology?
1. Berger and Berger
    Sociology grew as independent science as it is now because there were threats upon 
    social order.
2. L. Laeyendecker 
    He identified the threats of social order.
     -Industrial revolution and France revolution
     -The growing of capitalism at the ends of  15 century.
     -Sociopolitical change
     -Reformation movement by Martin Luther
     -Individualism ideology
     -The born of modern science
     -The improvement of self confidence
     -These threats caused the change of Europe society in long term.

3. Auguste Comte  
     He saw the change of Europe society positively but he could not refuse that there were 
     many negative things.
     - Positively: Democracy grew, respect to humanity values, freedom of speech.
     -Negatively: Class conflict in society, poverty, injustice.
  Auguste comte underlined what triggered social problems was normless society.
Society didn’t know how to overcome the change that was caused by France Revolution 
and what kinds of rules could be used to organize social order.

Based on this concern Comte encouraged that research upon society to be improved to
build an independent social science. But he had not succeed to fulfill his ambition.  
His achievement was to give the name of the science that is now called Sociology.
         Later on Emile Durkheim was succeed to create some methodologies in sociology in
his book Rules of Sociological Method. Eventhough, Comte created the term of 
sociology but Herbert Spencer was indeed the person who popularized Sociology term in
his book Principles of Sociology. In his book Spencer developed research system
about society. Spencer identified society as a system which is formed into elements. 
Every element in society depends on each other.
1.Find out social problems in society?
2.What sociology contribution to solve the problems?


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