Grade X, Term 1: The miscellaneous of Social Value


  1. Material value; the value of a thing that is very useful for human or society living.
  2. Vital value; main value that is useful for human or society living.
  3. Spiritual value; religiosity value.
    1. Truth value (Logic value) based on healthy mind
    2. Beauty value (Esthetics value) based on healthy feeling 
    3. Moral value (ethic value) based on good will 
    4. Religion value (religiosity value) based on religion  teaching
Based on its character, Social value can be divided into two types
 1. Dominant value: value that is considered more important than the other.
     The measurement of dominant  or not so based on following
     1) The quantity of people who believe in the value.
     2) How long the value has been applied.
     3) How people treat or consider the value
     4) Prestige of using the value in society.

2. Internalized value (nilai yang mendarah daging): The value has been habit
    and personality so people doing so spontaneously or without thinking about.   


Think about a value that you consider internalized value and write as a sticker or slogan.
For example "Love others as you love yourself",


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