Grade X, Term 1: Social Norm

Social Norms

1. The essence of social norm.
     Social norm is related to social value. Social value is  measurement
     of behavior, whereas, social norm is rule of behavior.
     In another words, social norm is behavior’s pattern that people want,
     whereas social norm constitutes behavior’s pattern that people must do.
            * Social norm consists of behavior rule that is considered the best
              and worthy for people to do so in everyday life.

What is the relation of social norm and social value?

         Social norm is made to keep social value alive and exist.
-          ordering for not against parents, order for not committing
                  crimes (raping, stealing etc).
            Social norms have difference power. There are some norms with
            weak sanctions but there are some with very tight sanction.
So we can conclude that social norm is life's guideline consisted of
orders and prohibitions based on people agreement to rule people life
in society into social order.

2. The function of social norm
  1. As a behavior guideline in social life.
  2. As a social control instrument in society.
  3. As the personality formation media of individual or group of people.
  4. To fulfill spiritual need of people.
  5. As an instrument to manage social order

3. The characters of Social norm
a. as the result of social interaction
b. It can be transferred to others
 c. It is shaped through learning process.
d. It gives different influence to people or group.
e. It can affect personality growth of individual or group.

4. Social sanction
             Social norm is always followed by social sanctions.
What is social sanction?
Social sanction is punishment upon citizens who violate social norms.
The obedience to the social norm will get reward from society.
Whereas, violation upon the social norm will get negative
sanction (fine, jail or death penalty).

5. The types of social norm
         According to Loomis there are 4 types of social norm. 
a. Usage. Violation upon the norm will get insulting or 
    mocking (celaan) and scorn (penghinaan).
b. Folkways (kebiasaan). Repeating the same act.
c. Mores (tata kelakuan). Habit that is accepted as an obligation
d. Custom (adat istiadat). Custom that is united strongly
    with the pattern of society culture


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