Grade X, Term 1: Social Value


The meaning of social value
The measurement of behavior that is considered good important, and valuable for certain society.
Why certain society?
Because every society has their own value and sometimes different from other society. However, there are values that accepted as general.

What they say about Value

1. Soerjono Soekanto
    Value as abstract conception within the human being that are consider good and bad.

2. Kimball Young
    Formulates social value as abstract elements and often are not awarded as true and important.

3. A.W. Green
    Formulates social value as awareness that happen relatively, a long with emotion upon object and  
    personal idea.   

4. Woods
     Says that social value is common guidance that has been exist for long time, which directs             
     behavior  and satisfaction in everyday life.

5. Robert M.Z. Lawang
    Says value is description about what it is wanted, worthy, valued, and influences social attitude   
   of the people that own the value.

6. C. Kluckholn sees that all culture values basically consist of :
    a. Value about the essence of  human life. (People consider that life is beautiful - La Vita e Bella)
    b. Value about the essence of human act. (People work for self esteem)
    c. Value about the position of human in space and time. (People have orientation upon the past 
         and the future.) 
    d. Value about the relation of human being with nature.
    e. Value about the relation of human being and others. (There are people who are still have 
         individualism orientation)

Koetjaraningrat (“Pengantar Antropologi) underlines 5 issues of values
as a foundation of socio-cultural value’s system

         The existence of human life
         The existence of human act
         The existence of human in relation with space and time.
         The existence of human in relation with others.

 The character of social value.
            a. as the result of social interaction
            b. It can be transferred to others
            c. It is shaped through learning process.
            d. It gives different influence to people or group.
            e. It can affect personality growth of individual or group.


1. Identify some social values in society that are considered as good and bad! Make a table to distinguish  

    No        Good social values                    Bad social values
     -           ------------------                      -----------------
                           etc                                             etc      


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