Grade X, Term 1: The Usage of Sociology

The usage of Sociology

  1. For development: Sociology gives social data that is needed in planning and evaluation.
  2. For research: by searching sociology finds a way of solving social problems

The role of sociologist

         As an expert researcher.
         Policy’s Consultant
         As a technician.
         As a teacher or educator

Social reality

The social change that brings about social phenomena such as modernization, deviance and another social problems

Social Problems

         Social problems truly are as the result of social interaction between Individual and individual, individual and groups or groups with another groups.
         Soerjono Soekanto: unconformity among cultural elements or society that threaten social groups’ life

Soerjono Soekanto divided Social problems into four

         Economic factor : poverty, unemployed.
         Biological factor: diseases infected.
         Psychological factor: neurotic and suicide.
         Cultural factor: divorce, and delinquency juvenile (kenakalan remaja).

Some social problems currently
         Poverty (condition where an individual can’t afford to take care himself according to group measurement.
         Family disorganization
         Delinquency juvenile

1. Poverty is one of the problems in society, how to solve the problem? 
2. What kinds of social problems could arise from poverty problem?
3. Give your alternative ways to solve the poverty problem? 


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