Social Structure

There are many opinions about social Structure definition

George C. Homan   : He links Soc-Str to social behaviour in everyday life.
Talcott Parson        : Soc-Str is interconnection between human.
Soerjono Soekanto : Soc-Str as an interrelation between social position and social role.
Abdul Syani               : Soc-Str as a social order in society life.

          Social structure (also refers to as a social system)= is a system of social relation (sistem hubungan sosial) or it also refers to relationships/bonds between groups of individual.
          we can also say that Social structure is whole connection among main social elements such as social norms, social institutions, culture, social group and social stratification.    
          Social structure presents an idea that society is grouped into structure with different functions, meanings or purposes. Family, religion, law, economy and class are all social structure.

The concept of social structure is like a  car with its elements or parts.
In social structure is known two concepts
                1. status.
                                Refers to what person is
                2. Role.
                                Refers to the behavior in which
                                individual or a person expect to do.

Ralp Linton
          Define status as a group of right and obligation. whereas he define status in two types, they are ascribed status and achieved status.
          Ascribed status is status that is granted to an individual since she/he was born or social positions that people hold by virtue of birth.
          Achieved status is status that is received by an individual because of his/her competences or social positions attained as a result of individual action.

The shape and function of social structure

          Major Polak: social structure as social inspector to control the violation upon norms, values        
                         and rules in society or group.

Peter M. Blau divides the model of social structure in two types:
- intersected social structure
-consolidated social structure.
          Intersected Social Structure, the membership in group has an intersection character (Indonesia has different background).
          Consolidated Social Structure, if there is an overlaping parameter and causes strengthening identity membership in a social group. (Social group becomes a place for people with the same background)  


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